International market

International market

We are leaders in the production and distribution of instrumentation cables in Europe and UK. We produce as per EN 50288-7 and IEC 60502-1 and we collaborate with the most important cables distributors of Europe in countries like France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and also in the UK.

In BTC Ibérica we supply to the largest oil & gas and engineering companies in the petrochemical industry, installing our cables in several projects in UK, Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Latin America.

Cables with IEC standards:



Re-2X Hdstay Multicore

Re-2X HSWAH Fr Multicore

Re-2X HSWY Fr Multicore

Re-2X(St)Hswah Dg Overall Screen Multicore

Re-2X HSWAH Dg Multicore

Re-2X HSWAH Multicore

Re-Y Ysway Multicore

Re-2X Ysway Multicore

Re-2X H Dg Multicore

Re-2X H Multicore

Re-2X Y Fr Multicore

Re-Y Y Multicore

Re-2X Y Multicore

Lead Sheathed Cables


Type E

Type R

Type S

Type T

Type K

Type J