Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At BTC Ibérica we are committed to the society and to the environment where we live. Therefore, we have an ambitious environmental management efficiency programme according to ISO 14001

In the meantime, all our cables fulfil the chemical substances right use and the restriction of the use of certain dangerous substances in accordance with the European REACH and ROHS Directives.

At BTC Ibérica we design, assume and transmit an ambitious Comprehensive Management Policy in relation to the quality of our products, our commitment to the environment and the prevention of pollution. This Policy is based on continuous improvement actions in all aspects and on the prevention of pollution, as well as on the correct assignment of responsibilities to the members of the company and on the achievement of the following strategic objectives:

To guarantee compliance with the aforementioned goals, BTC Ibérica has established a system that controls the execution of internal audits, holding meetings on the evolution of the Integrated Management System and the objectives and goals established by Quality and Environment, and continuous monitoring of the satisfaction of the parties involved. In this way, the achievement of the objectives and the effectiveness of the established Comprehensive Management System is guaranteed.

The organization of BTC IBÉRICA, S.A is structured in such a way as to guarantee compliance with the objectives described in the Comprehensive Management Policy, the correct assignment of responsibilities and compliance with this guide.